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What is it?

Cell Regeneration
A Light Touch Bio-electric Therapy

What It Is
Cell Regeneration® is a bio-electric communication that stimulates healing on a cellular level. It accelerates your body’s natural drive to heal itself — physically, mentally and emotionally. Cell Regeneration® has also been beneficially used on horses, dogs, cats, birds and other animals.

Cell Regeneration® functions according to the principle that our bodies have a self-healing capacity. This is a biological fact and does not depend upon what a person believes. This source of healing energy is the same as the growth energy used by a fetus in embryonic development. Biophysicist Wilhelm Reich described this energy within the nucleus of each cell as "the little blue dot," which is how it appears under a high-powered microscope.

How It Works

A Cell Regeneration® practitioner has developed the skills to activate the "blue dot" energy of his or her own body to influence the "blue dot" energy in your body’s cells.

The estimated sixty billion cells within our body represent a virtually inexhaustible source of untapped energy. Using a light touch on nerve plexi points, the Cell Regeneration® practitioner mobilizes and directs the flow of this cellular energy to stimulate, facilitate, and accelerate your body’s natural healing process to deal with physical, psychological, and emotional conditions.

Its Benefits

A distinct advantage of Cell Regeneration® is to accelerate your body’s natural healing ability. Acting as a catalyst, the practitioner stimulates the energy flow where it may have been blocked by injury, stress, or disease. It is impossible to exert too much energy. Your body will accept only the stimulation which is needed to create its own perfect balance.

Cell Regeneration® also complements other physical, emotional and spiritual therapies, including chiropractic, allopathic, homeopathic, acupuncture, and accupressure. The effects of a Cell Regeneration® session continue long after the session is over.A distinct advantage of Cell Regeneration is restoring your body's natural healing ability. It is impossible to exert too much energy. Your body will accept only that correction which is needed to create its own perfect balance. Cell Regeneration is a bio-electric communication on a cellular level and can enhance your sense of well being - physically, mentally and emotionally. The effects of a Cell Regeneration session continue long after the session is over.

Research Findings

Cell Regeneration
A Light Touch Bio-electric Therapy

Research Findings

"The resonance of the bio-magnetic fields created by Cell Regeneration therapy has been demonstrated empirically to have the following properties when properly administered:
  • Gentle realignment of the skeletal structure, leading to the disappearance of secondary pain.

  • Enhanced functioning of the immune system, resulting in increased resistance of immune related diseases.

  • Relief of stress and restoration of balance.

  • Reversal of the inflammatory process."
William S. Eldelman, M.D., Director, BERMRC

What People Say

What People Say

"I had lost the joint tissue in my left knee. Treatment by this practitioner has helped start regeneration of joint tissue as confirmed by X-rays. Environment is relaxing and tranquil, conducive to healing."
Tchaka EK.Muhammed, Health Educator, Retired

"I received several treatments. I had been suffering from multiple physiological and psychological pathologies. The treatments I received were crucial to my recovery and the advancement of my conventional treatments. Penelope is an outstanding practitioner and a natural healer of the highest level."
Jon Carsello, PhD., Former U.N. Director
Emergency Medical Services, Northeast Africa

"What stood out for me during my session was a variety of sensations. Various subtle centers were stirred, largely at my heart and brow. Tingling and subtle movements in my hands and feet often rose during the session, suggesting a circulation and opening of energies otherwise blocked, which is why I'd come. I was above all happily surprised to learn how much my body is strengthening; her opinion of subtler layers to health I value and trust."
Michael Zysk, High School Instructor, Fine Arts

"The professional application of the hands-on techniques were quite a surprise. Lower back pain in four joints due to injury has given me a jaded outlook toward most remedies. The integrity of the application, direction of my involvement, and the results of Penelope’s treatments has given me a hope of living in less pain. Each of the directed procedures were extremely valuable."
Mgeto, Jazz Musician

"I am a caregiver and wearing myself down. My experience with Penelope was exceptional! I feel she has been doing wonders in balancing me back to the person I once knew – What a GIFT!"
Nan Walton, Business Owner and Massage Therapist

"Penelope agreed to do long distance treatments on me for bone disintegration in my jaw. In the process, she discovered other problems (both physical and emotional) of which I was unaware but which have subsequently been confirmed by my physician. After each tretment, I have been aware of toxins being released from my body, changes happening, and my mouth and jaw have felt better than they have in years. I wasn’t sure how effective the treatments would be long distance, but I’m very impressed."
Laura Angers, Spiritual Teacher

Contact Information

Since the 1980s, my studies of alternative healing arts have included polarity
therapy, therapeutic massage and other hands-on healing techniques. In addition to
becoming certified in Cell Regeneration®, I am a graduate from the EverGreen School of Integrative Herbalism, an ordained Lifestyle Pastoral and Herbal Counselor in the EverGreen Wholistic Ministry, and have a B.A. from the California Institute of Integrative Studies, While each healing method has intrinsic value, I am continually amazed at the healing facilitated by the Cell Regeneration®. I encourage you to experience Cell
Regeneration and give yourself a gift of wellness.
Blessings and Peace,


Penelope Amadali
916-736-1578 or
Fair Oaks Healing & Arts Center
(916) 966-4714